The DPO Network

The DPO Network is an alliance of five national Disabled Persons’ Organisations in Ireland working together to advance the full implementation of the UN CRPD in Ireland.
Our Ethos:

  • Respecting diversity and difference
  • Finding commonalities between groups and encouraging collaboration
  • Ensuring participation and inclusion in meetings

Our Principles & Values

  • We are committed to operating in a transparent, accessible and inclusive way that enables our diverse membership to contribute and benefit from the network.
  • Together we are stronger: We believe disabled people and our organisations are stronger and better working together. Disabled people/DPOs in Ireland need a strong voice.
  • Nothing about us without us: We are committed to the principle and practice of “Nothing About Us, Without Us” – a slogan adopted by Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI) at its founding in 1981. This slogan captures a key idea of disabled people’s struggle for human rights that self-determination is essential for achieving true equality. The ideas of self-determination and human rights developed and fought for by us in our international disabled people’s movement are at the very heart of our work.
  • Full human and civil rights: We are committed to full human and civil rights for all citizens including disabled people.

There are five DPO member organisations of the DPO Network 

  • As I Am – Ireland’s National Autism Advocacy Organisation
  • Disabled Women Ireland
  • Independent Living Movement Ireland (ILMI)
  • Irish Deaf Society (IDS)
  • National Platform of Self Advocates
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